Bridal Lingerie Party Ideas

Traditionally, women are supposed to enter into the bond of marriage by beginning with a bridal shower. There, women can be showered with toaster ovens, stemware, wine racks, and just about any other household item that might come handy when the newlyweds begin their new lives together. These parties are undoubtedly helpful and they prepare couples from around the world with all they will need to be on their own.

But in today’s day and age, the real question is how many people get married without already experiencing life on their own?

Since many couples either lives together before they get married or they live away from their families before marriage, they may not need to collect any more household goods. A great solution to saving the world from too many toasters is to throw a lingerie bridal shower instead of the traditional sort.

Like any other kind of bridal shower, a bridal shower lingerie party will require a lot of planning. Ultimately, you can decide what kind of theme you want to incorporate into your party. Please visit the themes page if you want to get some ideas on different kinds of themes. You will plenty of suggestions and ideas for invitations, decorations, foods and beverages. All the theme ideas you'll find can be easily adapted for a lingerie bridal shower.



Bridal shower lingerie parties can be thrown in a variety of ways, all depending on the people who will attend. On the following pages, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to throw a proper lingerie bridal shower no matter who the potential guests are. Whether the guests are young, old, or mixed company, these parties will be sure to please everybody involved. Simply have the bride pick out all of the lingerie and sleepwear that she could ever want and have each guest purchase a piece.

To make a long story short, the point of hosting a lingerie bridal shower is to make the bride feel like a princess and to supply her with as much lingerie as she could ever need. It's not like gifting her with a toaster oven. When it comes to lingerie, the more the better!

Here's a comprehensive guide for customizing your lingerie bridal shower towards different age groups. There are plenty of exciting game ideas in every section so make sure to read them all.

Lingerie Bridal Shower Guide

1) Adults and Children

2) Family and Friends

3) Younger Crowd

4) Older Crowd

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